Ann Arbor Restaurant & Bar Guide


115 West Washington
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 327-2312

This is a fairly new dining experience that you will want to visit soon. There is no doubt that this is quite different than your typical college town restaurant. In a very short amount of time, this place has earned a reputation as one of Ann Arbor's very best restaurants. When patrons think of Logan, they think of a passionately prepared menu, an excellent selection of boutique wines and spirits, and warm considerate service from a well trained staff. Check out this new American cuisine with a modern edge at 115 West Washington very soon.

West End Grill

120 West Liberty Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 747-6260

This is not a stuffy old restaurant by any stretch of the imagination. The atmosphere is very lively and enthusiastic. It also is a great plus that the tables are not right on top of each other like many other restaurants. They are famous for their encrusted halibut and the Filet Bearnaise. You will not be disappointed by the wonderful selections to entice your palate. There are times when you need a place like this: a warm cozy enclave at 120 West Liberty Street that leaves you feeling special by the end of your meal.

Gandy Dancer

401 Depot Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 769-0592

In the Ann Arbor area, the Gandy Dancer is known for its creative preparations of seafood, steaks, and pasta dishes. Located in the beautifully restored 1886 Michigan Central Depot at 401 Depot Street, you will be sitting in an architectural landmark as well as an elegant restaurant. You won't believe the fine cuisine and sophisticated, historic atmosphere. All that has to happen now is for you to sample one bit of your entree and you will find yourself coming back time and time again.

Wolverine State Brewing Company

2019 West Stadium Boulevard
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
(734) 369-2990

This place proudly waves the banner of being the home of the Lager Revolution. They brew everything from light to dark in order to produce something everyone will be satisfied with. This is creativity at its best. The owners started this endeavor because they saw the need for some regular Michigan beers. What does that mean? It means that they are all about creating an easily approachable beer. And that is exactly what you will find at 2019 West Stadium Boulevard, this is one place you do not want to miss.


216 S. State Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 623-2233

According to the owners of this establishment, there is inspiration to be found everywhere. They seek to use this fact in reinventing what they do on a regular basis in order to provide the best possible service to their patrons. It is all about experiencing new things at 216 S. State Street. You will be able to experiment here and a staff person will be able to walk you through what to order and why. The atmosphere is fun and lively and the mixed drinks are absolutely phenomenal. Here you will experience a place that is chic, savvy and has style.


110 S. Main Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 222-9841

Originally, the owners created this establishment as your everyday wine bar. Over the years, it has expanded its mission and and now they take great pleasure in sharing wine, food, and spirits while they allow patrons to experiment. They also see this as a chance to educate their customers about wine. They have a menu and atmosphere that will fit every style, taste, and budget. And talk about choices, at 110 S. Main Street, you will be able to look over 100 wines served by the bottle and 50 by the glass. Get ready for an education like none other you have ever had.

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