Have a Question?

Perhaps it's already been answered! We know that you're probably curious about a few different things when it comes to our professional transportation service, and we are here to answer any questions or concerns you might have. Here are the questions that we get asked most frequently on a day to day basis. If you find that you have a question that isn't shown below, all you have to do is give our courteous and professional booking agents a call. They can give you all the information you'll need regarding your transportation. They're on the phones now, so give them a call at your earliest convenience.

What is the difference between a limousine and party bus?

That's a great question! While a limousine offers many of the same features that party buses offer, you aren't going to find stand up room or a dancing pole on limousines. Therefore, limousines are best for elegant events, while party buses are always the best possible choice for partying to your hearts content with all of your friends.

What features come on a party bus?

Features are the best part of a party bus! You'll find ice filled bar areas with cup holders for your beverages, MP3 capable sound systems complete with subwoofers, flat screen television screens for your entertainment pleasure, stripper poles for entertainment, hardwood flooring, comfortable leather seating throughout, and much more.

I have a budget for my event, can I afford a party bus?

With one of our party buses, you get a lot of bang for your buck. Our friendly customer service representative will be able to tell you which size party bus is perfect for your situation. We don't believe in overselling our product. Also, keep in mind that the quote you receive includes everything including the minimum gratuity. There are no hidden fees in our pricing structure.

Are we allowed to drink while we are on the party bus?

Absolutely, our vehicles have bar areas with coolers installed and you can stock them with your favorites. As long as you are of legal drinking age, you can drink while you are on our party buses.

What criteria should I use to pick out the right party bus for my event?

Our affable customer service agents are experts in helping you to pick out the perfect vehicle for you. A lot of it depends on the size of your group and what kind of activities you want available to you while riding. It would be their pleasure to serve you, feel free to call anytime day or night.

Do you post your vehicle availability online?

No, we have a team of courteous customer service representatives that are well trained in everything related to our party buses. They can walk you through the booking process and let you know if a party bus that would be perfect for you is available for a specific date and time. Feel free to call us at your earliest convenience.

Can I rent a party bus for 3 hours?

We do have wedding packages that have a 3.5 hour time frame. For any other kind of event, we require a 6 hour minimum rental. You can rent a vehicle for longer than the 6 hours.

How can I reserve a party bus for my date and time?

In order to reserve a vehicle, we require a $200 security deposit on a credit or debit card.

Is there a customary tip that is given to the driver at the end of the night?

The price that you paid for your party bus rental includes the minimum gratuity. Anything that you feel you would like to give your driver at the end of your service time in addition to this is strictly up to you.

How do I go about paying for my party bus rental?

There are a number of ways you can pay. If you wish to pay the entire balance prior to 24 hours before your service, you can use a credit or debit card, traveler's check, or pre-approved bank check. If you wait until the date of service, you must pay cash to your driver.

How do I know if I am in your service area? What is your service area?

We service the Jackson County area and beyond. If you want more specifics, check out our Cities We Service page.

I like when businesses are upfront and honest about everything, what are your hidden charges that are in the fine print?

Hidden charges is a practice that we have never done and will never do. It is against our company policies and we believe it is an awful way to treat your customers or potential customers. We have made a conscience choice to not hide anything. We respect you too much to do something like that.

I know drinking is allowed on your party buses, my question is who provides the drinks?

Per the Michigan Department of Transportation guidelines, we are not allowed to provide alcohol to our customers. But you can certainly bring onboard all of your groups favorite drinks and stock the coolers with them.

When is a good time to call your office to check into availability or to book a party bus?

There is never a bad time, our affable customer service agents are ready and willing to serve your needs anytime of day or night, seven days a week.

Is there a time of year that you do not operate?

No, we operate all year long, seven days a week.

Do you have bathrooms on your buses?

Unfortunately, we do not supply bathrooms on any of our vehicles. Although it seems like a convenient amenity, there's nothing luxurious about a smelly porta-potty where you're trying to dance and have a great time. As always, our chauffeurs are happy to make a stop for you if you need to use the bathroom.

Are we allowed to smoke on the buses?

We don't allow for smoking to take place on our buses. We do this because we want our buses to stay clean and fresh for all of our customers who are sensitive to the smell of smoke. Plus, a lit cigarette on a moving vehicle with alcohol could spell trouble! We will be happy to stop at any time to accommodate your comfort stop.

Where are we allowed to go?

You're allowed to go wherever your imagination leads you. We offer unlimited stops and mileage to our customers, so don't worry if you're looking to visit somewhere that goes way beyond where you were picked up. After all, we are a professional transportation company.

Do you have a time limit on service?

Absolutely not! We understand that a good time can last all throughout the night, and that's why we offer 24/7 hour services all across the board. You can rest easy knowing that your party doesn't have a time limit when it's reserved with Party Buses Jackson.

What if I don't see my question here, what is my next best step?

If you don't see your question or concern on this page, feel free to call one of our friendly customer service representatives at a time of your convenience. They will be able to help you with anything party bus related.