Milan Restaurant & Bar Guide

Roy's Barbeque & Hamburgers

25 Wabash Street
Milan, MI 48160
(734) 439-1737

Just say it slowly with us one time: barbecue. Roy's serves up some of the absolute best barbecue in the entire area. They are famous for their barbecue pork. If you feel up for it, they have a challenge called the Bubba Burger. There is a very friendly atmosphere at 25 Wabash Street as the staff will not only have you smiling but they will also share some laughs with you. Nothing to look at and nothing in the way of d├ęcor, but if you want good eats and a unique place, you have found it at Roy's.

Don Juan Mexican Bar & Grill

39 E. Main Street
Milan, MI 48160
(734) 439-7774

A good ole family friendly Mexican restaurant. This is by far the most authentic Mexican cuisine in the entire area. You have to watch it because the chips and salsa will fill you up before your meal comes but they are so very tasty. Their signature dish is the Chimichanga's, you won't believe how good they are and how much they bring you. The service staff here is amazing in more ways that one but they truly do care if you are taken care of. The prices at 39 E. Main Street are reasonable and the ambiance is really authentic.

Fenders Bar & Grill

20 Wabash Street
Milan, MI 48160
(734) 439-3474

Amazing burgers and a small town bar feel. What more could you really ask for? This is truly one of those places where you can go in feeling down and out from a long day and leave with a smile on your face because of the amazing experience you have just had. If you did nothing else but talk to the bartender you would have a great time. They run some great meal deals all week long and the food is a cut above the rest. Check out 20 Wabash Street where the beer is always cold.

China One

29 E. Main Street
Milan, MI 48160
(734) 439-8401

There is always the ago old debate between authentic versus Americanized. We can honestly tell you this, when you visit China One, you are going to experience the most authentic Chinese in the entire area and we believe it does make a huge difference. The owners at 29 E. Main Street really know their stuff. They are famous for their General Tso's and Hunan Chicken which are both very tasty. The portions sizes are very large and combined with their excellent prices, you are truly getting great value for what you order.

Original Gravity Brewing Company

440 County Street
Milan, MI 48160
(734) 439-7490

The well prepared food at 440 County Street is made to order. What a great atmosphere to enjoy a brew and some simple but excellent fare. Their selection of micro brews will have you enjoying the process of picking one out for as long as you want to contemplate. What a relaxing neighborhood hangout. The prices are very reasonable and the crowd is very friendly and fun to be around. What really adds to your experience is the staff, they are really good at educated you about the micro brew menu.

Basil Boys

527 West Main Street
Milan, MI 48160
(517) 423-1875

One of the goals at 527 West Main Street is to serve quality food at great prices. The other goal, in terms of the ownership, is to be attentive to the needs of all of the customers that show up at this establishment. You will have some stupendous choices at this Basil Boys. From fabulous hand panned pizza to the finest barbecue ribs to barbecue chicken and some of the best hot garlic butter breadsticks you have ever had anywhere. It is time for some good old fashioned eating.

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