School Dances in Jackson

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School Dances in Jackson

As a parent, you have different worries about school dances than your high schoolers do. They are worried about things like whether they should even go or not. But even if you convince them that the prom or homecoming can be memorable and fun, they still have worries. Should they go with a date or just go with a group of friends is always a big concern. Then, of course, what to wear is a major worry. Something else a teenager worries about is whether they will look stupid on the dance floor or not. Of course, most of these problems seem huge at the time, but can usually be worked out and in the end, everyone is happy that they went.

But you worry about everyone staying safe and that is totally understandable. We have all ready about the consequences to bad decisions that have been made at on prom or homecoming night. You, as a parent, realize that the judgment filter that you have has come through experience and your senior and his or her friends lack that and sometimes make unwise decisions. So, in the end, you would like to guarantee that your teenager get the best of both worlds. But you are not quite sure how to make that happen. You realize driving them to the prom is not an option. Also, them driving themselves or riding with someone else is also not an option.

We have the perfect option for you. Renting a party bus from Party Buses Jackson will give you the best of both worlds. Your teenager and his or her friends will have the time of their lives on one hand and at the same time, everyone will stay safe and get home in one piece. In terms of cost, this will not be a problem as the entire group can split the price. We can assure you that we only hire experienced and certified drivers who are trained in our way of doing things which is customer-centric. Also, we want you to know that the driver will only stop at destinations that you have preapproved so there will be no change in the itinerary based on what one of the teenagers want. If there is a stop or two that you and your senior have discussed and you approve of them stopping there before or after the dance, that is no problem.

One thing we know for sure is you will be nominated for parent of the year once your teenager gets to experience all a party bus has to offer. There are plenty of electronics for everyone to play with and the atmosphere is party like with LED color changing lighting on the walls, ceiling, steps, and coolers. We know how much teenagers enjoy music so make sure they bring their music of choice and they can take turns with the concert quality sound system which has CD/iPod/MP3 inputs. They won't believe how cool it is to walk up to the bar areas which have built-in coolers. So you will want to stock those coolers ahead of time with the group's favorite drinks. There is more multimedia to enjoy, high definition flat screen televisions with DVD player. If the group is a mix of girls and guys, maybe some of the girls will be able to coax a few of the guys out on the customized hardwood dance floor which also has a dancing pole for those that are brave enough. When its time to sit, it will be a pleasurable experience on the leather wraparound couch area. With all of this fun going on, someone may have to pry them off of the party bus when they arrive at the dance.

One more word about safety. Our party buses are inspected and maintained on a very regular schedule by a licensed mechanic. This ensures that they are all road worthy all of the time. All of our vehicles are insured at the highest degree possible. So rest assured, we understand your concerns and we want to allay your fears as much as we possibly can. There is no safer way for your teenager to travel to the big dance than in one of our party buses.

So, hopefully we have intrigued you enough about our vehicles that you will want to find out more. Check out our website which has some great information about our business and even pictures of our party buses.

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